Summer 2024 Educator to Inspirator [2hr CEU]

Level up from teacher to Inspirator with a simple mindshift and awesome teaching techniques.

Course Description

Our NuMinds teaching staff are known as Inspirators. It’s more than a fun title for novelty’s sake. It encompasses a full mindset and philosophy around our purpose and function for working with students. Learn the metaphor, mentality, and strategies to help inspire your own students.

This course is part of the NUMINDS LEARNING MANAGEMENT CREDENTIAL (1 of 3 courses), as well as:
*Mindscaper, Level One
*Part of the SEL Specialist Pathway

What are the requirements?

No formal prerequisites.

What am I going to get from this course?

A true Inspirator sees the whole child, recognizing the unique nature of every being and nurturing those seeds of curiosity. This level-one training introduces the concepts that transform an educator into an Inspirator. We'll introduce the framework of PKT as a way to better understand the individual difference of every student.

Who is this course for?

Teachers who are ready to take their craft to the next level.

About the Instructors

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NuMinds Enrichment
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Justin Vawter

Justin Vawter lives on the fringe of education, a creative spark working tirelessly to redefine the educational narrative and make the learning experience meaningful for both teachers and students.

Justin firmly believes that with responsive curriculum, inspired classroom instruction, and expanded identification, we can close the equity gap and bring advanced learning to the forefront of educational services.

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Ben Koch
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Marissa Randolph

Experience Manager

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